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Past Exhibitions

Michael x. Ryan: Holes and Flow

Micheal X. Ryan, Crater04.6.2012 - 06.01.2012

Michael x. Ryan's installations are big--in size and content. In Holes and Flow, Ryan uses data compiled from the Elmhurst Quarry and similar sites to build his gallery sized, multi-dimensional installation at Elmhurst Art Museum.


Gordon Powell: Details

04.06.2012 - 06.09.2012Gordon Powell, Untitled

Gordon Powell’s abstract painted wood assemblages defy categorization. Equal parts painting, assemblage and sculpture, Powell’s weathered, hand-distressed sections of wood panel bound together with dyed glues form erratic edges that challenge conventional ideas of construction and presentation. The cracks and pits of the panel and grid-like compositions allude to aerial landscapes, urban detritus and faded graffiti.

Peggy Macnamara: Field Work

04.06.2012 - 06.01.2012
Peggy Macnamara, Cranes 2
Peggy Macnamara’s work is about the study of nature, and her subjects--birds, insects, small creatures and their habitats--surround her every day as Artist-in-Residence at the Field Museum. Through careful observation, Macnamara gathers the precise information she needs to paint the large, colorful watercolors that lyrically interweave art and science.


David Weinberg: Mr. Wild's Garden

David Weinberg, Mr. Wild's Garden01.06.12 - 03.24.12

Mr. Wild’s Garden is photographer David Weinberg’s provocative re-envisioning of his mysterious childhood
neighbor, Mr. Wild. Weinberg’s narrative body of photographs tells a story about a dilapidated greenhouse, a yard of towering weeds and a solitary, enigmatic man who inspired a range of emotionally charged images. Weinberg’s exhibition acts as a meditation on the natural process of growth, overgrowth and decay.


Carolyn Ottmers: Splice

01.13.12 - 03.10.12

Splice, Carolyn Ottmer’s installation of hanging vines and branches cast in stainless steel create a canopy of silver growth in EAM’s Hostetler Gallery. A hybrid of organic form, technical process and the use of specialized material, plant life that thrives in urban environments inspires the sculptures—like veins breaking through cracks in a sidewalk to clamber up inhospitable concrete walls.


Molly McCracken Kumar: Blooming Atmosphere

Molly McCracken Kumar, Evocative Stillness01.13.12 - 03.10.12

Molly McCracken Kumar contemplates the birth, death and regeneration of the natural world in her exuberant paintings. McCracken Kumar’s paintings embody themes from Hindu philosophy and spirituality. Her whimsical compositions represent Shiva’s cosmic dance of the dynamic tension and change of the universe. McCracken Kumar says she “experiences this dynamic tension most keenly while gardening and observing plants.”


Meghan Q. McCook: Terra Hive

Meghan Q. McCook, Terra 401.13.12 - 03.13.12

Meghan Q. McCook’s Terra Hive series of blown glass terrariums seamlessly blend artistic exploration with functional craft. McCook creates flowing organic environments by blowing hot glass into a copper-wire structures. With the higher melting temperature of wire, the frame stays intact as the molten glass billows around the structure.

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