Discover what’s behind a painting, learn about the artists’ process and why our curator selected the art work in the exhibition. Tour Mies van der Rohe’s McCormick House and learn the story behind one of three Mies houses in the United States. EAM’s guided group tours and projects engage and inspire your class, social club, business group or art-minded friends. Our education team tailors each tour to meet your group’s needs and objectives, whether educational, recreational or professional. Hands-on projects and coordinated tours between local museums can be arranged.

School Tours
Students and Children under 18  - $12/child (tour and activity), $8/child (tour only), $6/chaperone | minimum of 10 students

Provide an enriching learning experience with a field trip to EAM. Compelling exhibitions of contemporary art, modern architecture including one of only three Mies van der Rohe’s houses in the United States, access to Wilder Park and the ability to coordinate with other Elmhurst museums. To schedule a school tour complete this form

Some groups may be eligible for free tour admission through the "Art is for Everyone" program. Learn more

Group Tours
Adults - $18/person, Seniors - $15/person minimum of 10 people

Customize a tour for your group focusing on the museum's current exhibition or the cornerstone of the museum's permanent collection, Mies van der Rohe's McCormick House (1952), one of only three houses in the world in Mies' modern style. To schedule a tour for adults or seniors complete this form

Troop Tours

$12/child (tour and activity), $8/child (tour only) | minimum of 10 children

EAM’s Education Center will customize a tour of the current exhibitions with a cooresponding activity to fulfill your troops badge requirements. To schedule a troop tour complete this form

Outreach Programs

EAM’s outreach programs expand on the typical museum experience. Designed to serve specific populations EAM produces programs, activities, and mentorships that support the mission and concepts on display within EAM and the Mies van der Rohe McCormick House. Contact us for more information.

Art in the Schools

EAM’s education center creates thoughtful art projects for school students that support learning goals, curriculum, and school objectives. For more information please email or call (630) 834-0202. To book a group visit please complete this form