Perception and Mindfulness Workshop with Artist David Wallace Haskins and Dr. Paul Holmes, Lecturer at the University of Chicago

Saturday, April 16, 2016 - 2:00pm
Looking for a paradigm-shifting experience? This Saturday, April 16th at 2pm, Elmhurst Art Museum hosts a unique workshop with contemporary artist David Wallace Haskins and University of Chicago lecturer Dr. Paul Holmes. Together they will lead us on a journey of perception and mindfulness in conjunction with Haskins' current solo exhibition PRESENCE
Using different methods to work towards the same end, Haskins and Holmes have spent the last 5 years developing a cross-disciplinary dialogue to foster and broaden the conversation on perception and mindfulness. Building on this conversation, Saturday's workshop will include a brief overview followed by experiential activities, discussion, and Q&A. 
Haskins says: "Holmes' extensive research and clinical experience equip him with empirically validated tools and helps that are the most effective I've come across anywhere. He is not just a brilliant instructor and lecturer on psychology and mindfulness, he is on the cutting edge of his field. Everyone attending this workshop will leave with accessible and practical tools that have been proven to help us live life more effectively, internally and externally."
Dr. Holmes previously served 12 years on faculty at University of Chicago's Department of Psychiatry where he was also the Director their Emotion Management Program and Director of Clinical Services at the university's Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation. He has been an instructor in the Professional Development Program at U of C's School of Social Service Administration (SSA) since 2001. Dr. Holmes has authored numerous articles on empirically supported interventions such as ACT, DBT, and mindfulness therapies and is the founder and director of The Emotion Management Program (EMP) outside Chicago.