David Wallace Haskins: Skycube

Indefinite loan, courtesy of the artist

Elmhurst Art Museum presents the world premiere of Chicago-based artist David Wallace HaskinsSkycube outside the Museum beginning August 11, 2015. A three-ton construction of steel, glass and far infrared light film, Haskins’ 8 x 8 x 8 foot Skycube brings the full vertical dimension of the sky down to the pictorial plane. Seen at eye level through a square aperture cut into the white steel cube, the moving image of the sky is not a digital projection or display—it is the actual three-dimensional sky. Bridging sculpture, architecture and painting, Skycube is the first public exhibition of Haskins’ groundbreaking work.

During the day, atmospheric changes move across the Skycube’s exterior aperture like a living painting continually recreating itself. Walking up to the opening reveals an interior 8 x 8 foot wall appearing as an immersive three-dimensional mural of the sky. In the evening, the Skycube moves through endless hues of blue until a deep black square emerges, slowly revealing a composition of moving stars and planets.

Elmhurst Art Museum’s presentation of Skycube will run through the spring of 2016, when a solo exhibition of Haskins’ poetic and interactive work will open at the Museum.

An Elmhurst native, artist David Wallace Haskins conducts experiments and explorations with light, space, time and sound. While working with experts in psychology, ecology, physics and philosophy, Haskins leads a core team of likeminded artists and technicians to develop and evolve these experiments into innovative installations, sculptures and events. See more of his work at www.davidwallacehaskins.com.

Skycube Time-Lapse from David Wallace Haskins on Vimeo.

Skycube at Elmhurst Art Museum from David Wallace Haskins on Vimeo.