Past Exhibitions

Elmhurst Art Museum Biennial: Chicago Statements

December 12, 2015 - February 21, 2016

Chicago artists have something to say. Taking on the role of cultural commentator, facilitator, advocate or activist, many artists in Chicago are actively engaged with their communities and the pressing and often highly-charged social issues of our day. Celebrating this artistic approach, Elmhurst Art Museum’s inaugural Biennial, Chicago Statements, provides nineteen artists with a wide-reaching public platform for their messages, their voices and their revelations that address imbalances of power, access and resources. Read More ›

A Community Art Project: The Poet-tree Forest

December 12, 2015 - February 21, 2016

Created by Donna Castellanos using salvaged encyclopedias, dictionaries and books. We invite you to create and participate in our winter wonderland of words and positive thoughts.Search for words in the dictionary that are special, inspiring or just make you smile, punch them out and paste onto the snowy word blizzard.Create your own poem using cut out words, phrases, pictures, or write your own. Paste them on a cardboard “branch” then hang on the tree. Read More ›

No Place Like House

September 8 - November 29, 2015

Continuing the Museum’s “In the House” series, Chicago architectural designer and critic Andrew Santa Lucia will create a series of altars in the McCormick House, using both the living room space and the newly opened west wing, to transport viewers into a temple of images, objects and offerings. This site-specific installation is guided by “Miesian Mysticism,” a fictional religion uncovered by Santa Lucia in Mies van der Rohe’s architecture, that narrativizes through rituals Mies’s essential design contributions to the discipline of architecture. Read More ›

Lessons from the Fick Home

September 12 - November 29, 2015

As a complement to the Lessons from Modernism exhibition, EAM has partnered with the School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s Architecture/ Interior Architecture/Designed Objects Department to include Mies van der Rohe’s McCormick House in the discussion of modernism and sustainability. Read More ›

Lessons from Modernism: Environmental Design Strategies in Architecture, 1925-1970

September 12 - November 29, 2015

Elmhurst Art Museum presents Lessons from Modernism: Environmental Design Strategies in Architecture, 1925-1970, a highly-acclaimed exhibition organized by The Cooper Union in New York that examines twenty-five modern building projects through the lens of sustainability. Read More ›