Financial Statements

Thank you to our generous members, donors, volunteers, and friends. With your support and leadership, our programs and exhibitions are stronger, our audience is wider, our community engagement is deeper and our education programs are even more robust.


Prior to the 2016 fiscal year audited financial statement reflect the period from July 1 of each year through June 30 of the following year, coinciding with the museum’s previous fiscal calendar. As of 2016 the fiscal year follows the calendar year. 

 Annual Reports Financial Statements             IRS Forms 990

2016-17 Audited Financial Statement

2016 Audited Financial Statement



 2014-15 Annual Report           

2014-15 Audited Financial Statement



2013-14 Audited Financial Statement



2012-13 Audited Financial Statement



2011-12 Audited Financial Statement



2010-11 Audited Financial Statements



2009-10 Audited Financial Statement



2008-09 Audited Financial Statement