Our Donors

Elmhurst Art Museum gratefully acknowledges the support of the individuals, corporations, foundations and public agencies that support our programs. Sincere thanks to all Elmhurst Art Museum Members whose support is crucial to our mission.

Donors 2014 - 2016

Leadership Circle ($10,000 +)

The Estate of Cleve Carney
Marcia and Robert Goltermann
Gigi and James Owens
Eugene Pomerance
Kim and Bob Eck
Laura and Gary Maurer
The DuPage Foundation
The National Endowment for the Arts
Karen Matusinec and Dave Garland
The City of Elmhurst Community Grant Program
Marie H. and Harry B. Hostetler
The Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation
Lissa and Keith Parr
Kristi Bieber Gibbs and Paul Gibbs
Joann and Steve Callahan
McDonald's Corporation
Bill and Jill Chittenden
The Illinois Arts Council
Leslie and Greg Pozen
Rick and Diane Emich
The Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts 

Director's Circle ($5,000 - $9,999)

Francesca DeBiase and Jassem el Mahmoud
David McKenna
Ann and Adam Klimek
John and Kristine Kosich
Ron French and Kristen Eder
Don and Pam Mower
Amy and Edward Laderer
Andrew Bucolo
Alison and Peter Dondlinger
Jenny M. Gibbs and David Potash
Lewis Plastics Co., Inc.
Ron and Maryann Gorski and Family
Jackie Barry and Sue Lesniak
Alben F. & Clara G. Bates Foundation
Elmhurst Artists' Guild
Jason and Lisa Zenk

Mies Circle ($1,000 - $4,999)

Kristen and Joshua Jacobs
Avram and Karen Lothan
Paul and Heidi Darley
W.S. Darley & Co.
Wesley and Suzanne Baker
Eric Adelstein and Gail Basch
Deborah Lovely Projects Inc.
Raymond and Sally Allen
Francesca and Randy Irion
Chittenden, Murday & Novotny, LLC
Marco Consulting Group, Inc.
Ted Tetzlaff
Chris and Becky Leonard
Kalman Fortoloczki and Gardiner Funo O'Kain
Blanche E. Hill
Matt and Leslie Mulvihill
Dan and Stephanie VanEekeren
Rick and Wendy Richter
Mary Ann Karris
Kierstin and Joseph Madda
Thomas and Julia Birch
Craig and Constantina Ross
Mark A. Schoonveld
Mike Durkin
Mark and Lori Schreiber
Elizabeth Kubycheck
Bill and Carol Chittenden
John and Shirley Keane
Mike and Dina Booth
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Gast
Melissa and Christopher Klimek
Dorene and John Schleiter
William and Felicia Rucker
Liza Passarelli
Fred and Celeste Jevaney
Richard and Jane Nunemaker
Ruth S. Martin
Rod and Denise Smith
Rick and Gina Incandela
John A. Shea
Lynne Rauscher-Davoust
Steven Zevitas
George and Angie Kapotas

Benefactor ($500 - $999)

Chris and Faye Nybo
Edward and Anna Maria Ryan
Fred and Janet Hodge
Michael and Carolyn Ubriaco
Janet H. Rowe
Laura Spicer
Carrie Poulos
Justin and Karen Choi
Betsy Goltermann and Ed Momkus
Scott and Jaime Kemper
Milo and Yvonne Despinich
Raegan Porter
Frank Troost
John and Darrah Belcher
Jeff and Jennifer Hiser
Arthur and Arlene Ahlgrim
Scott and Charity Ahlgrim
Bert Cohn
Joanne O'Brien
James and Lisa Quinlivan
Louis and Muffie SanFilippo
Andrea Gruca
Angela M. Gonzales
Chicago Event Graphics
Rick King
Scott Dolan and Kim Marsella
Robert and Pauline Tuchscherer
Jason and Ericka Pomatto
Rotary Club of Elmhurst
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Ogdon
Kevin York
Thomas and Jennifer Hughes

Supporter ($300 - $499)

David and Gladys Novotny
Shay Cooper
Charles and Mary Ruth Weigel
Charles and Susan Maltese
Beth and Gary Fazzio
Jim Schumacher
Petra and Sam Ostrin
Deborah and Mike Lefevre
Yvette and Miguel Rea
James and Mary Eleanor Wall
Evelyn and Karl Zerfoss
Jeanne M. Regan
Greg and Ann Gills
Dr. and Mrs. George Chipain
Evan Boris and Monique Meloche
Don and Donna Wilbur
Nancy Keane
Jimmy and Marcia Bremner
David Baruch
Todd Kurland

Friend ($100 - $299)

Mary E. Hallman
Jane H. Deuble
Diane and Kevin Bradbury
Karen and Allan Grane
Steven Karr
Robert J. Lorenz
Carrie Lannon and James Fehnel
Doug and Vivian Beach
Ellen Goelz
Jane and Richard Kiep
Charles A. Whitver
Robert and Judith Dillingham
Marilyn Thompson
Tom and Anne Klein
William and Linda Lyman
Les and Nancy Olson
Gary and Hilde Achepohl
Nannette Feurzeig
Mari and Michael Birman
William Tunney
Vanessa and Jeffrey Wickencamp
Margarete Gross
Ms. Laura Fitzpatrick
Jim Blessing
Rebecca Barager
Brighton Collectibles
Carrie Fisher
Kelley Gustafson
Theodore and Virginia Arey
Joe Schamberger
Jon Graber
Dr. Stephen and Anda Sokalski
Dorion Family
Steve and Nancy Morley
Krista and Brad Nunemaker
James V. Franch
Merribeth Rhoads
Donald and Joan Leone
Willis and Shirley Johnson
Carla A. Castle
Gerald A. and Tsue A. Ostermann
Gerry Sczygiel
RGL Marketing for the Arts
John and Phyllis Field
Victor Cassidy
Robert Anson
Phyllis Carroll
Charlotte Cziperle
Mary Anglin
Don and Carol Jacobsen
Richard J. Murphy
Brian Ladd
Heather Jones-Pryor
Joan Arenberg
Brian Parker
Carrie Kaufmann
Janet Hartmann
William Blair & Company, LLC
C.J. Feinberg
Ken and Eva Berg
JD Franz Research Inc.
Georgia Zummer
Nancy Hellstrom
Nancy Dunn
Margaret Seres
Cody Hudson
Joe and Heidi Jeffery
Jen and Jacob Blanchette
Maria and Henry Cerdas
Randy and Felicia Rucker
Peter and Marianne Senese
Jeanette S. Flaningam
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Olson
Tom and Shaheen Wolff
Donna and Alfonso Castellanos
Janice G. Gehrke
Trisha Cassidy and Andrew Wycislak
Virginia and Philipp Burger
Mac and Kären Wiener
Scott and Sharon Deibert
Jay and Karen Goodgold
Beth Nagy Design
Joanne McCurdy
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Patterson
Cindy and Doug Peterson
Thomas and Michelle Mason
Don and Alyssa Williams
John and Susan Winton
Steve and Connie Nestler
Marjorie M. De Sombre
Mary Borchardt


Beyond Events
Catalano & Associates
Chicago Event Graphics
Dakota Evans
Erwin Steinhebel & Sons
Le Meridien Oak Brook
Playboy Enterprises
Revelation Productions
Superior Ambulance
T.E. McKenna Builders
Tom Blackman