School Programs

No-Cost School Visits through the ‘Art is for Everyone’ Program

In the past, schools viewed cultural field trips as important equalizers in terms of access to our culture. Today, however, museums across the country report a steep drop in school tours, reflecting financial pressures that force schools to make difficult decisions about  how to allocate scarce resources.  For many schools, the cost of transportation is the single largest hurdle in providing the benefits of culturally enriching field trips and Chicago Public Schools are no exception.  

Elmhurst Art Museum's ‘Art is for Everyone!’ gives children from under-funded schools in areas of high poverty access to the demonstrated academic and cultural benefits of exposure to the arts by providing free school buses, free museum-educator led tours, instructor guided workshops and free Family Memberships for each participating student. 

Thanks to our donors, including a generous gift from McDonald’s, more than 900 Chicago-area school children will benefit from the ‘Art is for Everyone’ program this year. 

To schedule a Museum visit through the ‘Art is for Everyone’ program please email Joseph Hladik at or call (630) 834-0202.